Best Tool Backpack for Electrician & Technician – Comprehensive Reviews

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Best Tool BackpackTools come in various sizes and functionalities. We are surrounded by them and hardly a single day passes without using one.

Contractors, technicians, carpenters, and individuals carrying out tasks in specific job sites particularly would do so much more if they had the tools organized and easily accessible.

This is why a tool backpack is essential. The accessory comes in various sizes and with different capacities, which makes the choice of one that meets your needs difficult.

The following guide and reviews of 10 best tool backpacks will enable you to choose one that is durable, cost-effective and space saving.

Best Tool Backpack of 2018

ImageNameDimensionsNumber of pockets 
CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134
(Editors' Choice)
8.5 x 13.27 x 16 in48
Klein Tools 55421BP-1414.7 x 18.6 x 12.5 in39
Revco GB100 BSX12 x 19 x 9 in15
CLC Custom Leathercraft 113213 x 9 x 17.5 in75
Dewalt DGL5237.4 x 8.5 x 4.45 in57
WorkPro Tool Backpack7.68 x 13.39 x 16.93 in37
Milwaukee 48-22-820014.35 x 8 x 23.41 in35
ToolEra Tool Backpack8 x 18 x 13 in50
Hilmor 1839080 BKB14 x 6 x 16 in19
VETO PRO PAC8.5 x 14 x 19 in27

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 – Best Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

Custom Leathercraft 1134

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack offers comfort and space. It is durable, sits well on your back, and it comes with an adjustable compression pocket for heavy and bulky tools. It measures 8.5 by 13.3 by 16 inches and it weighs only 4.4 pounds.

The backpack has two main compartments, a padded and comfortable back support, dual handles, and a convenient outside pocket. It also comes with a customizable chest strap and a shoulder strap.

One of the most impressive features of this particular backpack is the number of pockets. It has lots of pockets where 41 of them are inside the backpack and seven on the exterior. This is enough to store plenty of tools. Also, the pockets adjust to fit the bulky items, keeping them intact and clean.

The material make is thick and sturdy. This promises a long life. However, some users have noted that the zipper breaks. But this is a trade-off considering the comfort and the strength the straps offer. The dual handles are convenient and they enable you to effortlessly lift the backpack even when fully filled with tools.
  • A total of 49 pockets
  • The back support is padded
  • Adjustable compression pockets and chest strap
  • Dual handles for easy lifting
  • The zipper is fragile
  • Some users have noted that the bottom of the backpack digs into your back
  • The backpack doesn’t support itself when sat on the ground

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack – Heavy Duty Choice

Klein Tools 55421BP-14 review

Manufactured by Klein Tools, which makes some of the highest quality tools for electric technicians, this backpack promises nothing, but durability.

Thanks to the Ballistic Weave, which is lightweight and has a long life. It measures 14.5 inches in length, with a height of 20 inches and 7.25 inches in width. The size is comfortable, and weighing 6 pounds, it is portable enough.

The backpack has a nice and reinforced stitching with strong zippers. The color itself is also attractive and it bears the Klein trademark of orange and black.

With a total of 39 pockets, you can store quite a number of tools and access them with ease. The pockets are spacious and with a front zipper, you can carry a variety of tools, even the small one, without losing them, together with a side pencil.

The bottom is fully molded to keep your tools safe and to keep the bag standing upright on its own. It also comes with padded shoulder straps and handles, for easy lifting.

Some users have noted that the straps fall apart after several uses. Others say the backpack itself is heavy without the tools inside.
  • 39 is a good number of pockets for a variety of tools
  • The backpack sits well on itself
  • It is spacious and it comes with a beautiful design
  • Tall for long-reach and long-handled tools
  • Some users claim it is heavy
  • Shoulder straps fall apart after several uses
  • The molded bottom is made of plastic

Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack – Best for Construction Workers and Welders

Revco Industries backpack

If you are a construction worker, seeking a suitable backpack for all your tools, the Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack backpack is here for you.

Its distinguishing feature is the helmet catch. It also has its back padded and the exterior side pockets are reinforced for strength. It measures 19″ by 12″ by 9″, which is big enough for tool storage.

The backpack weighs 1.4 pounds and it can hold a jacket, a grinder, and gloves among many others. The padding on the backpack covers all the straps, the back panel and then top handle.

It doesn’t have many pockets compared to the first two, and some users wish it had more. But this, it compensates by its large main compartment with other small interior pockets, which are extra strong.

The backpack material is FR, which is durable enough. On top of its spacious pockets, it comes with another nice additional feature, a lunch box. However, if it had a hard shell or surface, it wouldn’t crash anything put in it.
  • The backpack is light
  • Comes with padded shoulder straps, top handle, and the back
  • Consists of a helmet catch
  • It is spacious and durable
  • Zippers are fragile
  • It could do with more quality stitching

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1132 – Best for Electricians

Leathercraft 1132 detalis

Love it or hate it, this backpack is a piece worth every penny. The design is ideal for electricians, who now and then encounter lots of small tools and require storage space.

It comes with 75 pockets ideal for small tools, all which are arranged in 4 flat sections. It weighs 5 pounds and it measures 13 inches in length, 9 inches, wide and 17 inches high.

Although the pockets are quite a score, they are tiny and not the best for holding large tools. You won’t even fit a cordless drill in it! Considering its size, it is also a bit smaller compared to other types of tool backpacks. The pockets are arranged in sleeves and partitions. The back has a plate designed to reduce drag, it is padded just like its straps for a better balance.

The backpack features a ballistic poly fabric, which doesn’t easily succumb to wear and tear. Its design is ergonomic and you can wear it for long hours with comfort. You can alternatively carry the bag by its handles securely, especially if you don’t want to risk wearing it down. Unfortunately, some users have had issues with its zippers.
  • Easy portability, either by hand or on your back
  • Comes with lots of pockets for small tools
  • Reinforced ballistic weave
  • Padded shoulder straps and handles
  • The backpack hardly stretches or expands
  • Users have issues with the zipper
  • Stored tools are not easily seen

Dewalt DGL523 – Best Feature Backpack

DEWALT DGL523 tool backpack

This Dewalt Lighted Tool Backpack is another popular accessory for electrical technicians and carpenters as well. This bag comes with a weight of 5 pounds and measurements of 7.4 by 8.5 by 4.45 inches.

What makes it stand out from other backpacks is its amazing lighting feature. It comes with a LED light, with three levels of output powered by 2AAA replaceable batteries. Users can utilize the lights in illuminating the work area.

The backpack promises ample storage of small tools with its large score of pockets. It comes with a total of 57 pockets. 48 multi-purpose interior pockets, and 9 exterior pockets that keep your tools handy and easy to access. It is also spacious and ideal for storage of almost anything.

The stitching is appropriately done and with the organizer pouch, the ergonomic design, the backpack is anything but commendable. It features back padding, a water-resistant body material, and tough fastening. The bottom also features a pad geared towards minimizing abrasion. It also distributes the load evenly.

Perhaps the only setback this backpack has is how the shoulder straps will detach after several months of usage. Others also have experienced some issues with the LED lighting.
  • Compartmentalized storage space
  • A total of 57 pockets
  • Comes with an ergonomic design and heavy-duty construction
  • LED lighting system for illumination
  • Despite the many pockets, they are still small for some tools
  • Users have issues with the LED lighting system
  • The straps do not last that long

WorkPro Tool Backpack Tradesman Organizer Bag – Best for Light Works

WORKPRO Tool Backpack

The WorkPro Tool Backpack Tradesman Organizer Bag is another great tool accessory for a variety of item storage options. The design is simple, and although it looks like a school backpack, the outward appearance shouldn’t fool you.

It weighs 2.6 pounds when empty, which is light enough to carry around. The dimensions are 13.4 by 7.7 by 16.9 inches.

Featuring a ballistic nylon fabric with a grade the same as the military gear, it should be strong enough to hold your tools comfortably. It comes with a total of 37 pockets with the front compartment suitable for fitting fish tapes, and the wide pockets ideal for hand tools and flashlights among other power tools.

The backpack also contains a laptops storage pouch, measuring 15 inches. You can also store several business accessories and a tablet. The base is molded for stability and to offer protection to your tools or other accessories stored in the bag.

Notably, this backpack is the best if you do light works. If you fit a drill in the bag, you won’t be able to carry your laptop in it. If also you fit heavy tools in it, the shoulder straps will break.
  • The backpack is lightweight and ideal for light works
  • Comes with a laptop compartment
  • Has 37 pockets, which makes it good for storage of many tools
  • Made of a durable fabric
  • Not the best for heavy tools
  • Doesn’t fit a laptop bigger than 17 inches
  • Shoulder straps come away easily

Milwaukee 48-22-8200 – Most Desired Backpack

tech tool backpack

The Milwaukee 48-22-8200 is another accessory that guarantees toughness, enough room, and a well-balanced item storage. The bag measures 8″ by 14.3″ by 23.4″ and it comes with a total of 35 pockets suitable for the organization of a number of tools.

It is also made of a 1680 ballistic material, which is a durable fabric and lightweight, giving it a weight of 2.6 pounds when empty.

This particular backpack comes with a laptop sleeve, which is a nice addition. The base is molded for impact resistance and a breathable, padded and weight-bearing harness. The multiple pockets are inside while the external part contains two main compartments.

One of the pockets stretches to hold a water bottle, while the pockets are ideal for storing the smaller items, it makes this backpack well fitting for electricians or construction workers.

The back has firm straps that allow you to carry around tools with clips. The storage compartment is zipped and you can store commonly used items. Worried about balancing? The chest buckle will perfectly distribute your weight. If only it had more pockets, it would do so much more. Especially if the existing ones weren’t too small!
  • The backpack is durable
  • Front pocket’s fold-down feature is impressive
  • The harness is padded
  • Base is solid and uprightly supports the bag
  • The design is appealing and it is lockable
  • Pockets are too small and some users wish they were stretchy
  • The size is a bit smaller than desired
  • It isn’t water resistant

ToolEra Tool Backpack – Best for the Money

ToolEra bag

This is another versatile tool backpack essential for the storage of a variety of items including a laptop and a hard hat. You can use it in your office or while traveling on in the field.

It weighs 4lbs and measures 18 by 8 by 13 inches with a total of 50 pockets. The material makes is a heavy-duty nylon, making it one of the most durable bags on the market.

The backpack features a free-standing design and three zippered compartments. The three outside pockets are padded, and the main pockets are ideal for the storage of power tools and tool trays among others. The shoulder straps are long, cushioned and easily customizable to fit any size user to carry comfortably. The security straps and the side D ring add a personal touch to the backpack.

The interior of the bag is orange colored for easy visibility and accessibility of the tools. The back has a soft pad and the zippers hold up really well. Although it has few reviews, the backpack actually has a good value for money. It is strong!
  • It has incredible strength and construction
  • A laptop sleeve
  • Highly versatile for a variety of uses
  • 50 pockets make a good number for small tool storage
  • The backpack is small for some users
  • The orange color is still not the best in low light

Hilmor 1839080 BKB – Big Backpack with a lot of Space

hilmor 1839080 BKB user reviews

The Hilmor 1839080 BKB Backpack Bag is both simple and sophisticated. The bag looks small, but it packs some ideas.

If you are on the hunt for a versatile backpack, which is affordable, ergonomic, and a perfect sidekick for your job, it is one you should consider. It weighs a total of 4.4 pounds and specifications of 6″ by 14″ by 16″.

This particular backpack comes with a total of 19 pockets, both exterior and interior. If you carry more tools than that number, you might want to consider other models.

The arrangement facilitates easy accessibility of the tools. This is further enhanced by its bright green interior color. Its two exterior pockets are padded and zippered for safe tool storage.

The Hilmor 1839080 BKB Backpack Bag also comes with a metal accessory loop that provides ease of manifold transport. The base is waterproof and is made of a sturdy rubber to ensure your tools remain undamaged even in the toughest environment. The shoulder straps are padded and with the air vents it is equipped with, you can carry it comfortably.

  • The backpack is spacious
  • Air vents for comfort
  • Keeps your tools easily accessible
  • It is lightweight
  • Not enough pockets
  • It isn’t durable enough
  • The zippers break after a few uses

VETO PRO PAC – Best Technician Backpack


The VETO PRO PAC Tech Pac LT Tool Bag comes with a design much more like a wheelie luggage that stands on its own. It measures 14 inches in length, 8.5 inches wide and 19 inches high.

The backpack rises from a base that is molded and slanting towards the front. Like its other models, the bag is made to last.

But if you are looking for a VETO PRO PAC backpack with many pockets, you should know that this particular one has 27 interior and exterior pockets.

The zip features dual opening bays with its interior reinforced to give it stability. It also features a flapped padded pocket for those who want to store tablets or a 15″ laptop. The front pocket has a design suitable for storage of tools in an upright manner. The back interior bay can store a variety of tools including office accessories. It weighs only 6.6 pounds, which is ideal for service technicians moving from one place to another.

This VETO PRO PAC Tech Pac LT Tool Bag, as its name hints, comes with an LT plastic shoulder strap, which is relatively durable compared to its other versions with metal hook arrangement. The straps are padded and it also includes a chest strap for holding it firmly. The outside clips give a nice addition for holding or hanging other items like drills.

The design is solid, beautiful and meant to last. The back is padded for comfort and if you are a technician with a laptop and other accessories, it is worth every penny.
  • Vertical tool arrangement
  • Extra pocket for smartphone, tablet or laptop storage
  • The material makes is highly durable
  • It is spacious and comfortable to carry
  • It could do with more pockets
  • Not the best for holding small accessories or tools

Best Tool Backpack – Buyer’s Guide

A wide variety of tool backpacks are available on the market, all with different features, compartments, sizes, materials, and weights. Quite a number of them, however, feature small, medium and large compartments for storage. The individual needs for the use of the backpack largely determine the type of bag one should get. It is vital to have a clear understanding of your needs before buying the product.

The best product is one that guarantees you long life and stores all your tools with utmost efficacy. Finding the right tool backpack that suits all your needs, nonetheless, is tricky for many. But what considerations should you make to get the best that suits your needs?

Backpack Size

Carpenters, technicians and construction workers occasionally require backpacks with different sizes. This makes it mandatory for you to consider the size depending on what you do. For instance, if your purpose requires you to make short travels, it is ideal to go with a shorter backpack.

But if you deal with heavy and larger tools, you might want to go with a bigger bag. Also factor in the number of tools you use before making the purchase.

Internal Pockets

Purchasing a backpack with less internal compartments than the number of tools you have will do you no good. The number of pockets should be enough as well as the loops. The compartments must also be organized well to avoid confusion.

They should also be sizeable or stretchy to ensure that it holds the tools firmly and safely. If you deal with small types of tools, like a computer or electrical technicians, you should consider the depth of the pockets. Shallow pockets will be ideal for such tiny accessories.


This is largely determined by the material used to make the backpack. Who wouldn’t value a backpack that promises years of use? While determining its durability, look at the stitching to ensure you have the best and the most durable on the market. You wouldn’t want your bag falling apart after only a few uses. A heavy duty fabric is the best for those with large and heavy tools.

Backpacks also come with different shoulder strap designs. Some are padded, others are not. Whichever the case, their strength matters especially if you carry the bag around more often. The straps should be wear resistant and can take weight effortlessly.


It matters to a great extent. If the backpack is heavy when empty, imagine how it will be when you fill it with tools? It will cause lots of problems for you. If it doesn’t induce pain, it will easily succumb to tear. It can also cause lots of pain through the exertion of pressure on your spine.

how to choose tool backpack

Closure Type

Different types of backpacks come with varied types of closures. One with a zip closure is the best option. It keeps the tools safe, compact and prevents them from falling out of the bag. Zips for the outside pockets are not necessary, but for the interior compartments, it is only ideal for some to have them, especially for small items like screws. It is thus worth going with a bag that has a durable zipper.


A backpack that can stand on its own is important for certain tasks. This is particularly the case if you need to pick a tool from the backpack placed on the floor. A bag that topples over when touched will take a considerable amount of time for the right tool to be retrieved. Some of the best backpacks have bottoms, which are reinforced, are water resistant, and stable for the bag to stand without falling down.


Many factors determine how comfortable the tool backpack is. Weight distribution is critical as much as the design and height of the backpack. A bag that fits well and offers comfort is one you should consider.

You also want one that distributes weight evenly on your body to avoid problems like back pain. Even better is one with waist and chest straps as well as a back, which is padded.

Why Choose the Best Tool Backpack?

When working in your home or office, storage racks and tool cabinets are necessary. But for electrical technicians, construction workers, and carpenters among other handymen require a tool backpack. It doesn’t only secure your tools and keeps them easy for accessibility, but also keeps you safe, especially if you use a ladder.

About 20 percent of occupational falls that occur each year result from using the ladder. A tool backpack will keep your arms free to firmly grip the ladder and avoid such incidents. Construction workers are also safe from tripping as a result of littered tools. They should, however, carry the backpacks in a way that keeps them free from the chronic pains that most construction workers face.

Tool backpacks also keep your tools away from damage. With a durable, weather-resistant material, the tools are safely kept free from corrosion. The compartments are also ideal for keeping the items arranged to avoid confusion.


There you have it. An ultimate review of the best tool backpacks and a buyer’s guide. By now you have a clear understanding of what to look for and which backpack to choose. Eventually, the choice you make will depend on the purpose and your personal preference.

If the choice is still hard for you, you can go with any of the above-reviewed products. It will suffice in meeting all your tool storage, mobility, and ease of access needs.

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