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When you’re working on a big home renovation project, or if you use your tools for a living, it’s imperative to have a best tool belt with you, so you aren’t constantly having to trudge back and forth to the toolbox.

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This article is geared towards helping you choose the right tool-belt for you, whether you’re looking for your very first belt, or you need to replace your last one, this article will go through our top ten list.

We’ll focus on the top features for each, as well as the pros and cons, and whether or not we recommend you buy them. Then we’ll have buyers guide at the end to narrow down what you should be looking for depending on what’s most important for you in a tool belt.

Best Tool Belt of 2018

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614
(Editors' Choice)
20 PocketPolyester$$$
MagnoGrip 203-01712 PocketBallistic polyester$$
Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt33 pocketWaterproof 600D Polyester$$
Galatia Gear Carpenter's Tool Belt4 PocketsWaterproof 600D Polyester$
GatorBack B24018 pocketsHeavy duty 1250 DuraTek nylon$$$$
CLC Custom Leathercraft 160829 pocketsPolyester Fabric$$$
Bucket Boss 5010012 pocketsPolyester$$
Ergodyne Arsenal 570616 pocketsCotton$
Style n Craft 76-42511 PocketsHeavy duty polyester$$
Grip Childrens Tool Belt Blue12 PocketsHeavy Duty Canvas and leather with strong rivets and stitching$

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 – Best Tool Belt for Framing

best tool belt for framingThis toolbelt from CLC comes with a twenty pocket or a thirty-one pocket option. The pelt itself measures three inches, is padded, and comes with an adjustable buckle in the back.

There’s also a handle you can grasp it by to take on and off. The pockets are deep enough that you don’t have to worry about them spilling, but they are also tapered so they won’t collapse inward either, preventing unnecessary frustration.

The tool belt comes with suspender to spread the load of supporting your tools across your shoulders, taking some of the pressure off your lower back and hips. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but for professionals who use this belt for hours on end every day, it’ll soon a huge relief to your back. This belt will fit anyone with a waist size from twenty-nine inches to forty-six inches.

This belt comes with six larger pockets, and then thirteen smaller ones, as well as a pouch suited for nails or screws. There are also two loops for hammers, a clip for a measuring tape, and sleeves to put in anything that’s too big for a pocket, like a carpenter’s square.

The set is generally well reviewed, especially among taller and broader men. The extra belt over the shoulders is very good at taking the strain off of your back and hips, and the belt itself seems fairly durable, though a few people have had issues with the fasteners themselves pulling out. Overall, it’s a well-made kit and will suit most sizes.

This CLC belt is an easy recommendation to give. With the shoulder straps to take off additional weight, and the belt itself being adjustable and padded. The set is durable and the pockets that are designed to stay open remove much of the frustration from having to search around in pouches and bags for tools.
  • Shoulder straps are good for back
  • Pockets stay open naturally
  • Plenty of storage sizes
  • Fasteners can wear out over time
  • Belt is adjustable, but smaller guys might not have room for all their tools/pockets

MagnoGrip 203-017 – Best Carpenter’s Tool Belt

best tool belt for carpenterThis Magnogrip magnetic tool belt comes in red and black options. The belt is made of ballistic polyester and has twelve pockets.

The pockets themselves are magnetic, so little things won’t be shifting around and they stay open so you can reach the things you need to, and the main load-bearing points of the belt are reinforced with both rivets and PVC.

The belt is rated one size fits most, with the maximum reported to be around forty-eight inches.

MagnoGrip 203-017 is fairly well reviewed, with the magnets in the bottom of the pouch being strong enough to keep nails and screws in. The fact that the pouches stay open for easy access, and that the belt itself is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Both home DIYers and professional construction workers appreciated the high-quality stitching and how well made the tool belt is. The extra rivets and PVC are reinforced exactly where belts usually fail, and this extra construction is an important part of why the belt will last for a long time.

This Magnogrip belt is an easy recommendation, with the high-quality construction and magnetic pockets to hold nails and screws in. The belt is good for both DIYers and professional workers. While there aren’t quite as many pockets as some of the others on this list, it has quite a bit of storage, with enough pouches to hold a fair variety of tools.
  • Magnetic bottoms to hold screws and nails
  • Reinforced points to lend durability
  • Not as many pockets as some others on the list

Milwaukee 49-17-0190 Tool Belt – Plenty of storage space with a sturdy belt

Milwaukee49This Milwaukee tool belt is made up of heavy-duty polyester. There are two large pouches with flat bottoms to allow you to place more things in one pocket.

There are two extra pockets on each as well, for things you use often. All told, this belt has thirty-three pockets. The tool belt has a smaller pouch as well as loops for hammers or other large tools.

It also comes with a clip that you can use for a cell phone or radio.
This belt is water resistant, which is always good news when you’re working in the elements. The belt will fit anyone with a waist size from thirty inches to forty-eight inches.

Overall, people like the belt, with most reviewers feeling that they had plenty of space, and were able to fit everything they needed in. Users were happy that the belt didn’t dump anything when put on or taken off, and that the rings on the side for larger tools worked well. There have been a few people who have had issues with the suspender attachments not being tight enough, and the added phone attachment being too small.

This Milwaukee rig is easy to recommend. The belt itself is well made and durable, and the pockets are tough and long-lasting. While there are a few issues with quality control and overall pieces that might be a little bit too small, like the cell phone holder, but the overall impressions are favorable, and the overall quality is high. 
  • Plenty of room/storage
  • Cell phone holder/ plenty of loops for tools
  • Material is durable and can stand up to abuse
  • Phone holder might be too narrow
  • Suspender loops are too loose.

Galatia Gear Carpenter’s Tool Belt – Small Carpenters Belt for Essentials

best tool belt reviewsThis Galatia carpenter’s belt is made up of durable polyester, with four pockets. There’s one larger pocket, with a medium pocket stacked right on top of that, and then two smaller pockets on the front and left side.

The belt attached can fit any waist from twenty-eight to forty-eight inches, and the belt is reinforced with rivets and double stitching at points where you see more wear and tear. The fabric itself is extra thick, so as not to sustain damage from sharp tools and nails.

Unfortunately, this belt is not highly reviewed, with many customers reporting that the belt begins to fall apart the first time you use it. The pockets aren’t durable enough, and can’t take enough weight. Since being able to hold tools is the pockets main function, it’s a real problem that they can’t seem to hold any weight. Others have mentioned that the belt begins to pull away from the pocket portion almost immediately, meaning that the belt is not sewn together well, or not reinforced enough.

This belt is not recommended, purely because of the issues so many customers have reported. The poor quality of the pockets and the seaming both mean that there’s no good reason to recommend it to anyone, even those who just use it lightly. With the quality issues, it won’t be worth the money when it starts falling apart on your first job.
  • Four pockets with a lot of storage
  • Phone/radio clip
  • Poor quality pockets
  • Belt doesn’t last past one job

GatorBack B240 – Best Tool Belt for Electricians

best tool belt for electriciansThis tool belt by Gatorback comes in six sizes, from small to 3XL. This means that there’s sure to be a belt that will fit everyone comfortably.

The belt itself is designed for maximum breathability with all foam linings fabrics that are meant to give the fabric the lightest possible weight. GatorBack B240 is made up of duratek nylon, with a weight of 1250. The belts are riveted at every point that can come under stress, both with rivets and bar tacking.

This belt has eighteen pockets on the right side, along with a holder for a tape measure. The other side has nine pockets, for twenty-seven total. The pouches themselves are box-shaped to keep them open and prevent them from folding closed or sagging.

GatorBack B240 comes with a one year warranty in case of defect. The belt is very highly reviewed, with customers pleased with the overall quality and comfort. The sizing being specific and the breathable fabric both combine to keep wearers comfortable.

This Gatorback belt is easy to recommend. With the high-quality construction and reinforced stitching, this belt is long-lasting and can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of a professional craftsman. 
  • Breathable construction
  • Reinforced stitching/pressure points
  • Pouches stay open/don’t sag
  • Pouches might not stay open when belt is off

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 – Electrician Tool Belt with Suspenders

Leathercraft 1608This CLC tool rig was designed for electricians, but the tool belt is well designed and well assembled. The belt has suspenders for over the shoulder support and overall comfort, taking some of the weight off of your back and lower hips.

The Leathercraft 1608 also includes zipper pouch to store things that you definitely don’t want to lose, like your cellphone or wallet. The pockets are gusset stitched to help them stay open, and the points under stress are riveted at the top and bottom of the belt.

The reviews for this belt are good, with electricians liking it especially. The shoulder straps and heavily reinforced bags mean that they can crawl through small spaces and still have the bad hold up. Others like it because of the strain it takes off of your back and the way the pockets are reinforced.

Overall, it’s a well-made tool rig, with the only complaints being that the shoulder straps aren’t as durable as the belt itself and they may wear out eventually.

We do recommend this rig for anyone, but especially for electricians. The overall quality and durability of the belt are very good, and the only complaints have to do with the shoulder straps wearing out sooner. Those are fairly easy to replace, and you can always wear the belt without them, so if it doesn’t bother you, it’s not a problem. 
  • Durable and well-made
  • Pockets will stay open
  • Shoulder straps to take strain off back
  • Shoulder straps can wear out quickly

Bucket Boss 50100 – Best Tools Belt for DIY

cool tool beltsThis Bucket Boss tool rig is am over the shoulder rig, meant to make carrying things all day easier for your back. The belt is made up of polyester, PVC, and EPE foam, for a light and breathable material that won’t attract sweat.

The suspenders themselves are also removable, so if you don’t like them, you can take them off. The belt itself will fit waists up to fifty-two inches and has twelve pockets attached.

The pockets themselves are made up of two larger pockets on either side. These pockets are then stacked with smaller pouches and pockets on top. This system gives you two main points of storage, one on either side.

The belt is well reviewed, with customers enjoying the heavy duty material and the organizational pockets. This tools belt is made with heavy-duty grommets that will hold the belt in place where you notch it without sliding or stretching. The only complaint some have is that there aren’t enough holes to fit everyone, some had to make their own. The shoulder straps are completely adjustable, though some say that they’ll slide around a little bit as the day goes on.

Bucket Boss 50100 belt is recommended. It’s a nice, quality product, and the many adjustments you can make to make the fit custom and comfortable don’t go unnoticed. The belt is durable and long-lasting, and the pockets are sturdy and won’t fray or wear down over time. While there are a few adjustment and fit issues mentioned, as long as you’re willing to take a little time to make sure the belt fits you well, this is a good recommendation and a good investment. 
  • Shoulder straps to take strain off of back
  • Belt fits up to 52″ waists
  • Tool pouches are durable, well stitched
  • Shoulder straps can slide around
  • More belt holes might be needed

Ergodyne Arsenal 5706 – Good Belt for Homeowner

Ergodyne Arsenal 5706This Ergodyne belt is an apron style, with one large flap and then pockets added on top of that. There are sixteen pockets in all, and the belt also includes two loops for hammers on either side.

This tools belt measures twenty-one inches long. Since the apron is shorter in length, it’s much easier for to move around in if you’re spending a lot of time bending over or on your knees. The apron itself is made of duck canvas, both for durability and to allow the fabric some breathability and air flow.

There’s a manufacturer’s warranty on the product as well.
The Ergodyne Arsenal apron is well reviewed. Customers enjoy the fact that they have enough storage room for tools or other objects, and the apron is light and breathable. The fabric is strong and durable, and the pockets hold up well.

Since the apron is less tool oriented than some of the other belts on our list, people are also using it for things like dog walking, or other tasks where you might need to carry a lot of things.

This Ergodyne belt is recommended, both for professional contractors or handymen and for people who need a portable storage solution. The apron is well made, and the breathable fabric means that it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable and strong pockets
  • Less tool oriented than others, easier to use for multiple tasks
  • No flaps over pockets/ way to keep them closed

Style n Craft 76-425 – Apron style belt with plenty of room

Style n Craft 76-425This polyester belt from Style n Craft is also in an apron style, though this one has more than one layer or pockets on it. Style’n’Craft tool belt has eleven pockets, with two larger ones at the belt, and smaller ones stacked on top.

The belt fits waists from twenty-nine to forty-six inches and the entire belt is stitched with nylon thread. It is also made of nylon, and it buckles shut at the back. The belt does have loops for suspenders, though none come included.

The Style n Craft belt received middling reviews. Many people with waist sizes up to thirty-four inches mentioned issues with getting the belt tight enough to stay on, and the overall effect of this was frustrating. This belt is durable up to a point, but several people have reported gashes in the pockets themselves.

There’s also the issue of people accidentally releasing the belt when they bend over, either from nudging the buckle accidentally or having the belt tightened so far that the buckle is right up next to their tools.

This belt is not recommended, purely because of the many other options that are available on this list that work well, and are long-lasting and durable. 
  • Lots of storage space
  • Belt will not stay up
  • Buckle can be pushed in accidentally
  • Pockets are notn durable, tend to rip

Grip Childrens Tool Belt Blue – Beginners toolbelt for your little helper

Childrens Tool BeltThis Grip children’s tool belt is a heavy duty belt meant for children. The belt itself is made up of heavy-duty canvas and the strap is adjustable nylon, so it can grow as they do.

There are plenty of pockets and pouches for tools, and this tools belt is well made and durable.

The belt is very well reviewed. Most people bought it for children that were still small and growing frequently.

Since the belt is tough and well made, it should last until the child outgrows it. This is a great belt to get your child interested in handiwork or tools, or for a child who’s already interested and involved with building or carpentry projects.

This Grip belt is recommended for anyone who wants to get their children something that will grow with them and encourage a flourishing interest in tools or handiwork. The belt is well made and should last an entire childhood. 
  • Durable
  • Adjustable, will grow with the child
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Might not fit very young children

Best Tool Belt – Buyer’s Guide

In this section we will mention some of the primary features these toolbelts come with and then list which belts meet which criteria. This will help you to decide what your main decision-making criteria should be when choosing a belt and then narrow down your shopping from there.

If you want shoulder straps:

If lots of storage is more important:

If a breathable fabric is a necessity:


Toolbelts themselves have been around for years without really changing. The main idea, one handy space to store all of your tools, that travels with you, can hardly be improved upon. However, the new possibilities for breathable and durable fabrics, instead of just leather, seem to be making a splash in the market.

These newer fabrics allow for more comfort for the wearer, and if treated and stitched correctly, can be just as long lasting and durable. There’s also the option of shoulder straps. These are becoming more and more common as more men realize how much strain a full tool belt puts on their back and hips.

Placing some of the weight over your shoulders not only helps you to carry things more evenly, it relieves your back of a lot of stress and strain that might otherwise become troubling after a few hours.

Apron style tool belts are also becoming more common since they allow for more storage and easier access to the pockets they do have. While these might have slightly less storage than some other belts, they also tend to be lighter and easier to maneuver with, which can be important.

Overall, while the belts themselves aren’t changing, customers are beginning to see more and more options overall, meaning that it’s getting easier to find a belt that will fill all of your needs, without any features or extras you might find burdensome.

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