Top 10 Best Rolling & Portable Tool Chests for the Money To Buy

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For many craftsman or hobbyists, tools will begin to pile up as your passion and love for your craft grows.

best tool box brand

Since it’s important to make sure you always have the right tool close at hand, it’s also important to make sure that your tools are kept somewhere safe and secure, and that your workspace is clean and organized.

However, tool chests are not a one size fits all type of purchase. Different people will have different organizational needs, as well as aesthetic requirements. It’s important when you make a purchase like this to consider all of your options.

This buyers guide will cover the top ten best tool chests, as well as giving you a brief overview of each one.

Best Tool Chest of 2018

ImageNameDimensionsSpecial FeaturesPrice 
Excel TB2105X
(Editors' Choice)
16 x 26 x 12 inLock with two keys, Drawers Support Up To 50 Lbs$$
WEN 7470612.5 x 26 x 14.75 in1,832 cubic inches of storage space$$
Viper Tool Storage V218MCBL18 x 10 x 11.5 inEach drawer offers 50-pound capacity, Locking detents keep the drawers closed until you open them$$
Seville Classics UltraHD34.5 x 24 x 28 in5 Inch heavy-duty wheels (2 locking). Loading Capacity: 300 lbs$$$
Craftsman 3-Drawer Toolbox23 x 14 x 11 inchesDrawers lock automatically when lid is closed$
Viper Tool Storage V4109WHR41 x 44.12 x 18.25 inBuilt tough from 18G steel, Limited lifetime warranty$$$$
Goplus 22-Inch Steel Chest12 x 22 x 33.5 inSturdy steel construction$$
OEMTOOLS 2462972.09 x 22.44 x 60.7 in1.0 mm Steel Shell, 26 Drawers with Full Extension 100 Lbs$$$$$
Viper Tool Storage V1804BLR16 x 18.1 x 36.5 inInternal keyed locking system deters prying and theft$$$
Excel TB2040BBSA26 x 12.7 x 15 inDouble Wall Steel Chest, Lock with two keys$$

Excel TB2105X Blue – An Affordable Tool Chest for Beginners Under $200

best tool box for homeThe Excel TB2105X is a five drawer tool chest, with ball bearing slides.

The chest is sixteen inches tall, twelve inches deep, and twenty-six inches long. The total weight is fifty-one pounds. The drawers themselves support up to 50 pounds and come with liners. There is also a storage space at the top, with a flip up section.

The Excel comes with a lock, for those who are worried about being able to secure valuable tools. The exterior is powder coated paint to protect against the elements. The chest itself features a steel body. The chest also features handles built into the side for easy movement and transport.

The Excel is a sturdy box, and it’s lower height makes it harder to tip over, a useful feature if it resides in the back of a truck or some other less stable surface. The drawers function well, though there can be some difficulties with locking and unlocking the toolbox if the top is down, or the drawers are slightly crooked.

Some customers have reported issues with rusting in the interior of the toolbox, especially the bottom corners. Others have expressed some frustration with the packaging and initial delivery. The toolchest can come with some dents, which mar the finish and in some cases the functionality of the device.

The Excel is recommended if you’re looking for a large toolbox without a hefty price tag. The box gives you plenty of storage, a nice exterior, and a locking mechanism. The issues with dents and interior rust are something that you’d have to consider for yourself, but for a beginners toolbox, it’s not a bad option.
  • The toolbox features a great amount of storage room and can support quite a lot of tools
  • For a mid-size tool chest, this one has quite a bit of storage, including an extra top section. Storage has been optimized here.
  • Attention has been shown to the long-term usage of this chest, with a powder coated outside. This should prevent rust and help the steel box to last longer.
  • There have been issues with packaging and handling resulting in dents and damages.
  • The powder coating is only on the outside, leaving the inside of the box vulnerable to rust
  • There can be some issues with the locking mechanisms.

WEN 74706 – Best Tool Chest for Home

The WEN 74706 is a six drawer tool box, with a storage space in the top of the chest. Each drawer can support one hundred pounds of weight.

The WEN is twelve and a half inches deep, twenty-six inches long, and fourteen and three/fourths inches tall. It weighs just shy of fifty-four pounds. All told, it includes 1,832 cubic inches of storage.

The drawers also come equipped with locks, to be able to secure tools. It comes with two handles for easy transport and movement. The outside is a finished, textured metal.

The WEN 74706 is generally highly rated by the users. The unit is well built and solid. The drawers can sometimes be a little “sticky” for some people’s tastes, but you can adjust them from a spring release to a standard push and pull system. Some people express issues with the locking mechanisms, which is something to consider if security is an important factor. Overall, this box is well built and dependable.

The WEN is easy to recommend, with few negatives, and a reputation for solid builds, and dependable quality. The six drawers provide plenty of room and allow for plenty of storage, along with the top section for even more easy access. 
  • Textured metal finish to resist rust
  • Drawers have two different “settings”, spring loaded or easy open
  • Locking mechanism can be tricky or nonfunctional.

Viper Tool Storage V218MCBL – Best Small Portable Tool Chest

best tool chest under 300The Viper V218MCBL actually comes in a variety of colors, the first on this list to have an ability to customise according to your color preferences.

This tool chest has two drawers and is eighteen inches wide, ten inches deep, and eleven and a half inches tall. It weighs twenty-three and a half pounds. Each drawer can take fifty pounds of weight, with an extra space on top for more storage.

The Viper also comes with two side handles for easy transport. The Viper also features a powder coated finish to protect against all manners of environments.

The V218MCBL is an excellent toolbox for small tools. The box is well built and sturdy. Its small size means that it’s easy to tote around and use for a variety of purposes. The viper is highly rated, with customers using it for both indoor and outdoor uses, like portable toolboxes and modeling kits.

The drawers are easy to open and close, and they come with liners. The locking system ensures simple, easy security, as well as making sure that nothing will move around in transport.

The Viper toolbox is recommended for anyone who needs a small and durable tool chest that might have more than one use. This high-quality chest is perfect for hobbyists, craftsman on the go, or even people who don’t have that many tools and need a simple, high-quality storage solution. 
  • Multiple uses
  • Different color options
  • Powder coated finish
  • Only two drawers

Seville Classics UltraHD – Good Rolling Cabinet for the Money

tool cabinet on wheels

The Seville measures twenty-four inches deep, thirty-five inches tall, and twenty-eight inches long. This model also boasts a wooden worktop, as well as wheels that mean it can be moved around for your convenience.

Tool cabinet is capable of supporting up to three hundred pounds, and the weight of the unit clocks in at one hundred and fifteen pounds. The bottom portion of the unit is comprised of stainless steel outside, with five small drawers, and another deeper one on the bottom.

The unit’s outside is powder coated to increase durability and lend a more finished air to the final product.

Seville UltraHD is generally highly rated. Customers appreciate the deep bottom drawer to store things that might not fit in a standard sized tool drawer. The drawers also lock, adding extra security to the chest.

The wheels and wooden worktop make it a convenient wheel along tool chest and the quality of the unit is very good. Complaints mainly seem to focus on the fact that the unit comes disassembled, and the instructions can sometimes be confusing or hard to follow, or not present at all. The other issue is that only the outside of the unit is powder coated, which means that the inner part of the unit can be vulnerable to rust and the elements.

The Seville is an easy recommendation for an adept craftsman with plenty of storage needs. The unit is durable and the wheels and wooden worktop add to the value for busy workers or multitaskers who need an extra surface. While the assembly might put some people off, the finished product is a sturdy and reliable piece that will be an asset to any workers space. 
  • Wheeled assembly
  • Powder Coated exterior
  • Worktop for projects and easy assembly
  • Deep bottom drawer for extra storage
  • Self assembly
  • No coating on interior

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox – Best Under $50

craftsmat_metal_chestThis craftsman toolbox is twenty-three inches long, fourteen inches deep, and eleven inches high. The unit weighs a little over nineteen pounds and is featured in the classic craftsman red.

The tools chest features three drawers, as well as a top storage area. The top latches shut, and the entire unit can lock. The chest locks as well, giving added security to the unit.

Craftsman has a reputation for quality and in this toolbox, that’s proven again. The unit is durable and well made, with the drawers and hinges operating smoothly. It can be used for a variety of projects, and the drawers feature an inside coating as well.

Many people prefer to gift craftsman because of their sterling reputation and focus on high quality, and this unit is no exception. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who might be new to tools or is just looking for another unit to expand their collection with.

This Craftsman toolbox is easy to recommend for anyone, from hobbyists to professional mechanics. The quality is outstanding, the durability is above reproach, and the chest is easy to transport, secure, and fill to your needs and specifications. 
  • Quality materials and build
  • Coated interior and exterior for durability
  • Craftsman brand quality
  • Locks and latches for extra security
  • Only three drawers
  • Shorter than some buyers may prefer

Viper Tool Storage V4109WHR – Professional Quality for Under $1000

Viper Tool Storage V4109WHRThis Viper V4109WHR is another model to come in multiple colors, so there’s sure to be one to suit everyone’s needs. The V4109WHR is a rolling tool chest, with high-quality wheels, two of which lock for safety reasons.

The unit is built from eighteen gauge steel, and the powder coated exterior comes in a variety of colors. There are nine drawers, each capable of holding up to one hundred pounds of weight.

The viper is forty-one inches tall, forty-four inches wide, and eighteen inches deep. The unit weighs two hundred and forty-eight pounds and comes equipped with a cam locking system as well.

The V4109WHR is also equipped with a limited lifetime warranty, and the unit performs fairly well. The unit comes disassembled, but assembly is fairly easy with the included instructions. The drawers experience a few separate issues, with some customers experiencing warping, meaning the drawers do not open fully. The unit overall is a high-quality piece for a fairly low price tag.

The V4109WHR is a great recommendation for professionals and anyone who has serious storage needs. The model is sturdy and well-made and the powder coating on the outside is durable and attractive. The unit is able to hold plenty of weight, and the variety of deep drawers mean that there’s plenty of room for anything you might need to store. 
  • Powder coated exterior
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Variety of drawer sizes
  • Locking system
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Top Quality for Under $ 1000
  • Drawers can be a little hard to open
  • Assembly required

Goplus 22-Inch Steel Rolling Tool Chest – Choice for garage with wheels

tool chest comboThe Goplus is twenty-two inches wide, twelve inches deep, and thirty-three and a half inches tall, with the wheels on. It does come with wheels, though you’ll have to put those on yourself once the unit is delivered.

The Goplus is capable of holding up to one hundred and seventy-six pounds, with the small drawers holding thirty-three pounds, and the larger drawers holding forty-four pounds.

There are four drawers in total, and they boast a ball bearing slide for easy open. The Goplus also has a top storage section as well. The unit has a powder coated finish for durability.

The Goplus does not have a locking mechanism, which puts it at a disadvantage to some of the other units on our list. Additionally, while the chest boasts a steel construction, the metal is quite thin, and the unit is not recommended for professional or contractor use.

The drawers open and shut well, and they lock. They also come in a variety of sizes, which is always useful to store more things than just wrenches and screwdrivers.

The Goplus is not recommended for anyone who needs a tool chest for light use. The four drawers aren’t quite enough storage to stand up to others on this list. It’s not for contractors or other working professionals since the metal is a little flimsy and won’t take the wear and tear well. 
  • Four drawers and a top storage section
  • Powder coated
  • Wheels included
  • Flimsy metal
  • No locking mechanism

OEMTOOLS 24629 – An Expensive Tool Chest Combo

OEMTOOLS 24629The OEMtools 24629 comes with three different color options and three separate build options as well. The combo version comes with twenty-six separate drawers of varying sizes, as well as a top storage section and wheels for easy portability.

The unit measures seventy-two inches wide, nineteen and seven/tenths inches deep, and a little over twenty-two inches wide. It weighs in at six hundred and forty pounds.

The 24629 has a one-millimeter steel shell, as well as a latching system for each individual drawer to keep them secure. The drawers on the 24629 come with liners, and each is capable of holding up to one hundred pounds. The unit also comes with two sturdy handles on either side, for easy transport.

The OEMtools looks intended for serious hobbyists or professional craftsman, as it has the room to fit an entire collection – with the price tag to match.
  • Three different color and layout options
  • Individual drawer latches
  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Price

Viper Tool Storage V1804BLR – An Excellent Solution for Small Spaces (Under $500)

viperv1804blrThis Viper V1804BLR comes with eight different color options. It also features five drawers, each capable of holding a hundred pounds, and a powder coated finish.

This chest stands thirty-six inches tall, sixteen inches wide, and eighteen inches deep. There’s also an optional side handle that will increase the width to eighteen and a half inches.

The Viper comes with wheels, to make this chest easier to move around with you. The chest also comes with a cam lock with security. There’s also a limited lifetime warranty. The unit is fairly highly reviewed, with the only customer complaints being some damage in shipping and the very bottom drawer not being on bearings.

This toolbox is recommended for anyone who needs a storage solution for a small space. At sixteen inches wide, this compact chest is a lot of storage bang for your buck, and the five drawers, all with locks, allow you to make the most of the space. The deep bottom drawer is also an excellent feature for larger storage needs. 
  • Variety of colors
  • Deep drawers
  • Compact width for tight spaces
  • Bottom drawer does not have bearings

Excel TB2040BBSA – Perfect Solution For Beginner

tool chest under 200This tool-chest comes with two color options. It boasts six drawers with ball bearing slides, and a top storage section.

The TB2040BBSA also comes with two steel handles and a double steel wall. The outside of the unit is powder coated, and the unit locks for added security.

The Excel is twenty-six inches long, almost thirteen inches deep and fifteen inches high. The unit weighs a total fifty-one pounds. Excel is rated well, with the aesthetics and durability being high on it’s better qualities. Chest also recommended for beginners and home craftsman who might not have very much to stores.

It’s high quality and reasonable price point all mean that the TB2040BBSA is recommended for at home users and people who just need a hobby chest. The storage is more than adequate for at home use, but it might not be big enough, or durable enough for professional users or for contractors. 
  • Double steel wall
  • Powder coated exterior
  • Durable and compact storage solution
  • Not quite durable enough for professional use
  • A little low on space for professional users

Best Tool Chest for the Money – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a tool chest, it’s important to first identify your specific needs and desires. Below is a list of common qualities buyers find important in toolboxes, with specific qualities and brands to focus on for each.

It’s important to consider how you’ll be using the box. Is it for at home use? In that case, the Goplus or Excel models are excellent values for the price. Professional contractors and mechanics might need something with more heft to it, like the Craftsman or Viper models.

The list below will help you narrow down more specific qualities to focus on, with leaders in each category listed below.


  • Powder coating
  • Variety of colors
  • Slim or compact designs
  • Brands to look for include the Viper series for color options and compact storage, as well as Craftsman for that classic look. The Seville also scores highly as well, with the wooden worktop lending an extra element of class.


  • Steel body or shell
  • Coated interior and exterior
  • Well built or assembled units
  • Most units scored fairly high, with Craftsman, Seville and Viper models earning the top slots.

Maximum storage

  • Lots of drawers
  • Variety of sizes and depths to fulfill more storage needs
  • Top contenders would be OEMtools, the Viper V1804BLR and V218MCBL leading the pack.


This list of toolboxes will help you narrow down which chest would be best for you, according to your specific needs. There’s something on the list for everyone, from budding craftsman to heavy duty professional.

Tool chests at their core haven’t changed much in the last years, with powder coating, steel bodies, and locking drawers. However, more and more brands are beginning to focus on aesthetics, with sleeker designs and smaller footprints.

As brands figure out more and more how to meld customized exteriors with quality interiors, consumers are left with more and more options. As consumers are beginning to use tool chests for more than just outside or garage use, meaning that the variety of sizes and colors are becoming more and more important to buyers.

This increase in options is wonderful, as long as the quality stays the same because it means there will always be an offering for everyone.

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